LS Swapped Mustang – No Prep Nightmare

December 20th, 2018

Oh no – say it ain’t so – is that a 1967 Ford Mustang doing a burnout in the bleach box? Rumor is that it has been retromodded with a turbocharged Chevrolet engine. That’s going to get under the skin of many Mustang purists; many of whom bleed Ford Blue.

Motivation for this pony car comes in the form of a salvaged GM LQ9 (6.0-liter) V8 engine (from a 2003 Cadillac Escalade SUV). After only a camshaft upgrade and some cylinder head porting and polishing; the Caddy motor was outfitted with a Borg Warner S475 turbocharger and an intercooler setup. Now, the tiny Ford is ready to fly.

Having recently completed the ’67 Mustang build, the crew is only here (at the Street Car Takeover No Prep event) for testing and tuning; just to shake out the bugs and such.

This car is beautifully prepared – inside and out – as a street car (no roll cage and no racing harness). As expected, the racing starts out slow and progressively gets faster. We look forward to seeing this car as the boost gets turned up.

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