LS Swapped Ford LTD – 8-Second Sleeper

July 3rd, 2019

It ain’t your grandma’s LTD. Not by a long shot! This unimposing, cream colored sedan is outfitted with a mini-tub job to accommodate a fat set of back tires and a custom narrowed Ford 8.8-inch rear end. It comes out of the hole like a bullet and fires through the trap straight and true. Well, almost always.

Under the hood is a 5.3-liter Chevy mill with a stock bottom end. It is being force fed copious amounts of cold, dense air via a pair of 67-millimeter turbos and a Summit Racing intake manifold. The transmission is a Powerglide and this combination manages to plant 1,100hp to the pavement. Let’s check out some racing.

In the initial pass, car owner Sloppy stuns the crowd by running an 8.99-second pass at 159 mph. Out of the hole smooth as butter and lickety-split through the trap.

For the next run, our feature car posts an elapsed time of 8.52-seconds @ 161 mph. Again, this car is fast and regular as the mail.

It is during the third pass that things suddenly get interesting. The car knocks the tires off about the sixty-foot mark and gets sideways. Sloppy does a decent job of stopping the skid but still nicks the wall on the right side. DNF for this round but moves on to the next.

In the final pass Sloppy posts a personal best quarter-mile of 8.49 @ 163 mph.

You just gotta root for a guy that taps the wall in one round and comes back to set a new PR in the next!

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