LS – Street – Fest 2017

September 26th, 2017

Annually, the Holley LS Fest East brings out some of the baddest LS powered (and LS spoiler) street machines on the East Coast. They spend the daylight hours at the track; generally behaving cordially and showing some degree of distinguished restraint. So, how do you suppose these rambunctious hooligans (myself included) entertain themselves when the lights go down and the gates are locked at the drag strip?

They hit the streets (of Mexico – of course) for some high-spirited roll racing action. Peel your eyeballs and have a look for yourself.

The general rule of the day is 60 mph roll racing. If you are like me and dig racing is near and dear to your heart – don’t knock roll racing until you’ve tried it. There’s something exhilarating about competing on the highway in the cool night air.

Fitting in to the “there is one in every crowd” class is a Mustang with a Hellion twin (64-millimeter) turbo kit (20 psi boost) and a T56 Magnum transmission. He is making 1,100whp and giving LS racers nightmares (check out the license plate).

There are two entries in the “way to overcome your mechanical shortcomings” class. They are an LS powered Nissan 240sx (stock bottom end LS1, Borg-Warner S475 turbo – 12 psi boost, and E85 fuel) and an awesome looking LS swapped Nissan 350z. It is running a 5.3-liter Chevy engine built by Mike Lough Racing along with twin 6266 Precision turbochargers (30 psi boost). It is making 1,100whp.

There are also some turbocharged and supercharged Camaros and Corvette on hand. You will even see a big block Chevelle near the end of the clip. After all, this is LS – Street – Fest.

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