Low Rider – Twin Turbo Galaxie 500

August 27th, 2019

Call them whatever you like; gearheads, hot-rodders, a speed shop, performance shop or a racing station – fact is that Bones Fab is creating art. All it takes is a little time, a lot of know-how and a big pile of cash.

Bones took this 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 and turned into an absolute restomod monster. First impression? This car is huge! It’s 19-feet long and (even with significant weight reduction strategy in play) weighs in at approximately two-tons. Luckily, these guys have off set the girth with raw horsepower.

Under the hood is a Robert Pond Motorsports SOHC 7.0-liter, all-aluminum engine with Robert Pond cylinder heads and front cover. The crankshaft is a billet unit from (Sonny) Bryant Racing. Connecting rods and pistons are CP Carillo and the engine uses a Dailey Engineering billet dry sump lubrication system. Atop the cylinder heads are Comp camshafts with Manley valves, Comp valvetrain components and T&D rockers. The intake manifold and (6-inch thick) intercooler are hand-made in house. Holley electronic fuel injection and ignition components are found on every cylinder of the engine and a Holley Dominator ECU controls the drive-by-wire throttle, fuel spray, ignition and other electronic goodies – as well as the GM 4L80E automatic transmission. A pair of Precision 75-millimeter turbochargers provide forced air induction. The car has dyno’d 1,068hp at 6,500 RPM.

The entire frame and suspension are custom fabricated by Bones. The rear end is a Curry 9-inch and the rear tires are the biggest made by Mickey Thompson.

Beautiful car!

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