Low 7-Second Datsun Pickup

May 24th, 2017

Welcome drag racing fans on a videographical journey to the land down under. We are headed to Sydney, Australia for the Jamboree Event where we will be introduced to a ground pounding Datsun pickup with the unique combination of a massive turbocharger and a 4G63 Mitsubishi engine.

Running in the Sub-Compact Class (because that’s what the Jamboree is about), this pretty Aussie racer tried her dearest to campaign this little Ute (Australian for sport utility vehicle) into 6-second territory. Take a look and see how it all shakes out!

Coming into this event, the truck had posted a best E.T. of 7.001-seconds, so the general consensus was that sixes were inevitable. Try as she might, the best pass of the day for the tiny truck came right before the semifinals and was 7.04-seconds @ 190 mph. Good enough to make it to the finals in her class but can she win the event?

The combination of a Jett Racing built 4G63E four-cylinder Evo engine and a Garrett turbocharger is capable of producing 1,200hp. A paddle shifted Lenco transmission helps to transfer all that power to the giant rear tires. Makes me want to say “Ooh!” – How about you?

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