Lost Footage-Last Night of Street Racing at TX2K20

May 6th, 2020

This is it – the last night for the boys (and girls) to hit the streets for some roll racing fun during TX2K20. After the track closes and all the “official” passes have been logged, these competitors dip down south of the border for some roll racing action on the interstate. Climb in, buckle up and hold on to your hat – you don’t want to miss this one. Chevrolet, Ford, Cadillac, Diamond Star Motors and McLaren are some of the names represented during this outstanding evening of racing on the street.

Right outta’ the gate, we have some 3-wide action between a 1,100hp Corvette (Yellow) with a ProCharger and nitrous, a 1,000hp Corvette (Black) and a 900hp Mitsubishi EVO. Looks like the Black ‘Vette takes the upper hand in two hits. The Yellow Corvette runs a distant second and the EVO seems to have mechanical issues. After that, the Yellow Corvette spanks another 1,000hp supercharged ‘Vette handily.

Next up is a contest between a 900hp Cadillac V3 CTS-V and a twin turbo Oldsmobile Cutlass. Unexpectedly, the G-Body jumps out on the Caddy early and never looks back. The cameraman remains in the CTS-V as it takes on a supercharged Mustang, next. Mustang gets gaptized. Caddy FTW! A couple of Cadillacs roll on each other next. The Version 2 Caddy (Kong ported 2650 blower) wins this one.

The V2 CTS-V makes short work of a turbocharged Lexus (800hp) in the next hit. The Lexus broke on the first two hits and the Cadillac left him in the lurch. By hit three, the Lexus was straight and gave the Cadillac a good run.

Finally, after a few other hits, we have a turbo Corvette against a McLaren 570S. The McLaren might leave a skosh early, but he annihilates the Corvette in multiple hits.

Great video. Check it out.

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