Loose on the Streets: 1350HP Twin Turbo Viper

July 9th, 2015

Loose on the Streets 1350HP Twin Turbo Viper 1What do a pair of twin turbocharged Dodge Vipers, a turbocharged Supra, a supercharged C7, and a 900hp ZR1 have in common? Well, for one thing, they are all in this video clip and for another – they are all running amuck on the streets in an all out roll racing extravaganza.

While these cars are all easy on the eyes, it ain’t how you look – its what ‘cha got under the hood. The first entry is a C7 Chevy Corvette. She is supercharged, with a methanol injection system to cool things down, and making 820hp (at the rear wheels). Next, we have the ZR1 Corvette. This car is the stuff of which dreams are made. You remember 900whp, right? Then there is the Toyota Supra. He is running a single Garrett T67 turbocharger and producing 567whp. We are down to the Vipers. The first (the yellow one) is an Underground Racing twin turbo setup that sends 850hp to the rear wheels and finally – drum roll, please – the gray Viper is prepared with a Racing Solutions, Inc. twin turbo setup. It is churning out an astounding 1350whp. An honorable mention to Sneaky Snakes 600whp G4 Viper camera car, as well.  Take a look as these monsters do battle in head to head roll racing action.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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