Loaded Taco – 8-Second Turbo Tacoma

December 13th, 2019

Greetings race fans and welcome to Budd’s Creek, Maryland for the Haltech World Cup Finals Import vs Domestic. Featured in this clip are Fred and his turbocharged Toyota Tacoma pickup that runs some pretty consistent 8-second passes. Like most drag racers, Fred would ordinarily be laser focused on breaking out of the eights and posting that elusive 7-second pass. Will this be “that” kind of day? Let’s have a look.

The truck has a 2JZ inline six-cylinder with aluminum connecting rods and a ported stock cylinder head. The turbocharger is a Precision 6785 and the transmission is a Powerglide with a ProTorque converter. The Loaded Taco has run a best elapsed time of 7.89-seconds, but she has put on an additional 500-pounds to run in today’s True Street Class.

Action for this weekend includes 8-second index racing where consistency is key. Fred will need to have the Taco in shape to come out of the hole quick and clean on each pass. He’ll be looking to get as close to 8-seconds (flat) as possible – without going under.

Tons of great drag (index) racing action on this one; including lots of behind the scenes stuff.

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