Lil OJ Twin Turbo F-150 Takes on H-Town Throwdown

February 7th, 2023

It seems like Midnight Performance is making their move. Everywhere I look, there are Midnight turbo kits and twin turbo builds.

Tonight, 6SixtyStreet ran across Lil OJ. This stunning Ford F-150 – in burnt orange – is a serious head-turner. Check it out.

Under the hood (sort of) is an RPG built engine with custom connecting rods and pistons. The turbo kit features a pair of 6466 Precision turbochargers. The interior is factory except for some carbon fiber racing seats and safety harnesses. Lil OJ is burning E85 fuel. Maximum output is estimated at 1200hp. This is definitely a boy dog!

It’s Round 1 and Lil OJ has drawn a Fox Body Mustang that looks more than capable. Both vehicles get a smokey burnout and Limpy hits the headlight. The Mustang gains a slight advantage on the holeshot before Lil OJ drives around him for the win.

Round 2 pits Lil OJ against a Chevrolet S10 drag truck. This time, Lil OJ takes the early advantage and holds on despite some traction issues going through the trap. Lil OJ FTW.

A Gen IV Camaro is in Lil OJ’s crosshairs for Round 3. Both competitors cut a clean light. Lil OJ out muscles the Camaro to the finish.

Tons more No Prep Drag Racing action on this clip. Enjoy.

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