Lamborghini Huracan vs Tesla Model S P85D Ludicrous Drag Race

June 19th, 2016


Check out this race between a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 going up against a Tesla P85D with the Ludicrous upgrade.   The Huracan is powered by a 5.2L V10 putting down 602 horsepower through a 7 speed dual clutch transmission and the Tesla has two motors with 502 HP in the rear and 259 HP in the front.  However, the torque difference is pretty big between the two, with Tesla making well over 700 ft lbs and the Huracan making just 412 ft lbs. duPont Registry shows the P85D selling for around $110k with the Huracan coming in at $230k on the used market.

Both cars are all wheel drive and can run 0-60 MPH in the around 2.7-2.8 seconds.  Can the Huracan using it’s “Thurst Mode” and screaming V10 engine off the line keep up with the monstrous instant torque of the Tesla?   Watch the video showing 3 races and find out!