Lamborghini Gallardo Heffner Twin Turbo Bolt On Kit on the Dyno and Drag Racing

January 8th, 2011

We did some dyno testing and drag racing passes with 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo setup with a Twin Turbo Bolt-On kit by Heffner Performance.  We first headed over to HorsePower Logic in West Palm Beach, FL and strapped down the Gallardo to an AWD Mustang Dyno where it put down 740 AWHP on MS109 fuel at around 9 pounds of boost.  From the dyno we headed out to Palm Beach International Raceway to make a few passes down the drag strip.

The best ET at the drag strip was a 10.61 with the highest trap speed coming in at 138.63 MPH.   We had some issues determining when to shift since the car’s tachometer can’t quite keep up with how fast the engine is running through the gears with the twin turbo setup resulting in us tagging the limiter on a couple runs.  We used the VBOX to record some performance numbers with 0-60 MPH in just 2.9 seconds and 60-130 MPH coming in at 5.49 seconds with one shift from 3rd to 4th gear.

We also did some heads up runs with a very fast Nissan GT-R that currently holds the quickest ET and highest MPH records for any Nissan GT-R equipped with stock turbochargers.  To make things somewhat fair, we ran the GT-R without using it’s full launch control system, so both cars rolled off the line without a full launch.  The runs were recorded by as well has having a GoPro camera attached to the side of the Gallardo.

Take a look at the pictures, vbox graph, timeslips and videos below:

Full Dyno, Timeslip and VBOX Data: Lamborghini Twin Turbo

Gallardo Twin Turbo

Gallardo Twin Turbo 60-130 MPH VBOX

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