Kings of No Prep – New Lutz GTO vs. Fireball Camaro and Death Trap Mustang

July 7th, 2020

Hello drag racing fans! Welcome to big time No Prep action from the stars of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws series. These guys from the 405 have absolutely the baddest Pro Mods on the street or strip. Two out of these three cars are built at a price (each) of more than a half-million U.S. dollars. Big money, big power and big tires – these Kings of No Prep hook up and fly down the eighth mile like a flash. Have a look.

First to the line is Jeff Lutz in his brand-new Pontiac GTO. This Big Tire Class dominator is powered by a massive cast iron mill with cast iron cylinder heads. A pair of 88-millimeter Precision Pro Mod turbos handle the forced air induction. Maximum output is estimated to be 3500hp. He lines up against a lonely looking street bike that gets blown away by the exhaust from the big Poncho.

Next up is Ryan Martin in the Fireball Camaro. The fifth-gen Camaro is powered by a 572 C.I.D. Pro Line Racing engine with a set of Alan Johnson cylinder heads. Precision turbo packages for the Fireball range from a pair of 102-millimeter Precision units to a pair of 106-millimeter mammoths. A two-speed Mark Micke gearbox transfers power to the custom fabricated rear differential. Max power? How about 4500hp! Wow!

Finally, we have the Death Trap Mustang of Chuck Seitsinger. A Big Tire Class car, the Death Trap is equipped with a 421 C.I.D. small block Chevy engine and a pair of 76-millimeter Precision turbochargers. The engine is built by Morgan and Sons.

Get ready for some earth shaking, ground pounding elite-level No Prep Drag Racing.

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