King Supra Overwhelms SCT

May 21st, 2019

This Toyota may just be the baddest Supra ever built. It comes out of the hole like a bullet and blasts through the quarter-mile like a rocket. With a 3.2-liter, inline 6-cylinder, stroker motor (with a HeadGames cylinder head) and an 88-millimeter turbo, this rear-wheel drive coupe has posted consistent 7-second quarter-mile times and seems to be on the way to a 6-second pass. Will this be the day? At Street Car Takeover Bristol?

Known as “Six Pack”, this car is competing in the Small Tire Class. It is also claiming U.S. Record holder status (in the Supra IRS category).

At any rate, Six Pack comes out in the first round of Small Tire with guns blazing. He smokes a Miata and progresses to the second. Second round action is between Six Pack and a Corvette that is thought to be the car to beat. Both cars cut a clean light and roll down the 1320 with no distractions. It’s too close for me to call at the end. Watch the video to find out who won.

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