King of the Streets – Grinch Mustang

June 28th, 2017

The Grinch certainly wasn’t the shiniest car at King of the Streets (KOTS) Chicago – it wasn’t even the prettiest car in the Gangster Class. Fortunately for the Grinch crew, it ain’t how you look but what you have under the hood.

What the Grinch has under the hood is a borrowed (big thanks to Corn Dog!) big block and a few kits of nitrous. Power is estimated to be in the 1,200hp range.

After winning the Gangster Class at KOTS in 2016, and struggling all week to supplant their hurt motor with the borrowed big block mill, it would be interesting to see how this team fared in 2017. The car was entered in the Gangster Class and the Senior Class. The Grinch fell to a giant Mopar called the Hate Box in round three of the Seniors.

Things got off to a good start in the first round with a win over a turbocharged Camaro (the Camaro won finest girlfriend though).

In the second round, the Grinch drew a Mustang called the Bad Apple. The Apple blew the tires off at around 60-feet and never really got back in it.

The semi finals saw the Grinch defeat a classic, nitrous injected Camaro that could never get a handle on traction.

Check out the video to see if the Grinch was able to get it done for back-to-back Gangster Class titles.