King of the Streets – Gen II Camaro on NOS

July 24th, 2019

Welcome to Chicago drag racing fans. This is No Prep drag racing from King of the Streets (KOTS) and our feature car is an unbelievable Gen II Camaro Z28 with a 402 cubic-inch engine and a healthy shot of laughing gas. Competing in the Junior Class, this car leaves violently and cruises through the trap with confidence. Looks great doing it, too.

In the first round, we see a Nova clone (left lane) get the early jump on our Camaro. Both cars are running nitrous. As is often the case with this volatile chemical, the engine in the Nova clone gives way before the dragstrip runs out. Camaro FTW.

It’s Round Two and our Z28 is in the right lane against an AMC Rambler in the left. Again, both cars are using nitrous as a power adder. This is a close one from start to finish. Z28 FTW.

The Camaro is in the right lane for Round Three against a turbocharged Mustang Cobra in the left lane. Chevy drags the Mustang the full length of the contest and takes the victory.

Another turbo Mustang lines up in the left lane for Round Four. This one seems pretty serious. Then again, our Camaro is no joke. The two cars cut the light and the Z28 takes the lead. He never looks back. Z28 FTW.

Junior Class Final and the Camaro is in the left lane for the first time. There’s a turbocharged Pontiac Trans Am in the right lane. Trans Am put a skosh too much power to the pavement and goes round-and-round. Thankfully, no one was injured. Camaro Z28 (Team Black) wins it all! That’s two years in a row.

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