King of the Bakery SCT Denver – TT UGR Huracan vs. 2000HP GTR

August 5th, 2020

Greetings drag racing fans, roll racing aficionados and gearheads of every ilk. Welcome to the Bandemere Raceway in Denver, Colorado for Street Car Takeover (SCT). On the agenda for today is the King of the Bakery Roll Racing event. On hand are many top-tier competitors including a contingent of Lamborghini entries from Underground Racing (UGR) as well as Precision Performance and Coatings (PPC). Let’s zoom in.

Beginning with the Nissan from PPC; it has a built 3.8-liter engine with Boost Logic 68-millimeter turbocharger kit. Making 60 psi of boost, this GTR makes approximately 2,000hp and has posted a best quarter mile ET of 7.46-seconds @ 195 mph. He never participated in roll racing (on the track) but he’s all in today to be King of the Bakery.

Then there’s the Lamborghini Huracan crew. The first owner interviewed states that he has a UGR 1R Package and the car is tuned to ‘just don’t care’ mode. This humble owner rolls out against a modified Hellcat and gaps him mercilessly in the first contest.

Just a heads up – there are several white Lamborghini Huracan entries with 1R packages from UGR. Don’t get confused, just kick back (preferably with headphones) and enjoy. These twin turbo V10 engines sound fabulous!

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