Killer Cab – Big Tire Monster

September 24th, 2018

By: Mohammad Rana

Welcome back to Outlaw Armageddon – the premier No Prep Drag Racing event in the Midwest. Some of the fastest No Prep (eighth-mile) cars in North America make the annual pilgrimage to Thunder Valley Raceway (Noble, Oklahoma) for a share of the cash prizes and bragging rights.

If taxi travel is your thing, be on the lookout for this antique number wearing the Killer Cab logo. How you ride is your business but climbing on board with zombies may be hazardous to one’s health.

Killer Cab uses a TKM Performance (Denton, North Carolina) 520 cubic-inch, all-aluminum, racing engine with a 118-millimeter Precision turbocharger to make other-worldly horsepower. If this monster intends to terrorize the field today, he’ll have his work cut out for him.

Round One yields the Killer Cab versus Black Betty. The Killer quickly dispatches poor little Betty and oozes on to the second round.

Round Two pits the Killer against a slick-looking ’68 Camaro with nitrous. Again, the Killer Cab takes the jump and gaps the Camaro handily. Third Round is a bye.

Monza, in his split bumper Camaro, lines up against Killer Cab in the Fourth Round. Monza proves to be a little stronger through the trap. It’s tough to beat those Street Outlaws – even on the drag strip.

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