James May Amazed at GT-R Launch Control

December 6th, 2016

james-may-amazed-at-gt-r-launch-controlIt requires something pretty outstanding to get the attention of an experienced performance guru like The Grand Tour host James May. Fact is that when an individual has been testing exotic and high performance cars for more than 30-years, the little things that might excite a normal person are apt to go completely unnoticed. This was certainly not the case when this long-time British television host and performance car enthusiast climbed into the cockpit of a new Nissan GT-R to check out the launch control feature.

If there was previously any doubt in your mind that the Nissan GT-R is built to race, this video should clarify things for you. After all, there are many cars with powerful engines that aren’t built to tame the track, but none come from the factory with a race ready, totally computerized launch control feature – and certainly not for less than $150K.

After navigating his way through a hoard of camera men and other media types, James gets some quality alone time with the GT-R and takes up a position on the starting line. He flips a series of switches, punches a few buttons, and launches off the line like a missile; leaving him with an expression of astonishment on his face. If his comments are any indication, he seems impressed to say the least. Take a gander for yourself.

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