iPhone Dynolicious vs GTEC Pro RR Video Review

July 30th, 2008

Dynolicious is an automotive performance meter available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Dynolicious uses the accelerometer hardware built-in to the iPhone to measure the performance characteristics of your car. The software will record your 0-60 time, as well as relevant 1/4 mile data. If you put in your car’s weight and estimated driveline losses it will also estimate your horsepower. Dynolicious can keep a history of your test runs, showing you averages and trends in your results. The app also allows you to enter modifications performed to your vehicle, and will instantly show before-and-after results to easily identify gains or losses.

This video shows the Dynolicious software running heads up against the GTEC Pro RR in a 2005 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG RENNtech Stage II. About 10 runs were made with very similar results. The best run on of the night was a 12.22 @ 121.78 MPH, with 0-60 MPH in 4.1 seconds on the GTEC, on the same run Dynolicious was showing a 13.14 @ 116.8 MPH, with 0-60 in 5.01 seconds. The best run for this E55 at the drag strip is 11.6 @ 119.7 MPH. No experimenting with the mounting of the iPhone was done for the runs. The iPhone was secured in the flat center console area of the car after the cup holders were removed.

View the video below, you can see the red light flash on the GTEC after it finishes recording the 1/4 mile, then you can hear the beep of the iPhone indicating the 1/4 mile has passed:


  1. BMan1113VR says:

    Did you mess around with any of the settings regarding roll out or callibration. Is your iPhone a 3G? Obviously the Dynolicious was WAY off. I also purchased the app and will be testing on the Cobra, Cayman S, the Passat 3.6 and my buddies 335i to see what results I am getting.