Import vs. Domestic – Boosted Mustang vs. Lamborghini

October 31st, 2018

Check it our all you high rollers. We have some import versus domestic roll racing south of the border, down Mexico way.

In a rolling version of Clash of the Titans, these modified chariots are all set to do battle on the interstate. The gloves are off as these purpose-built machines lock horns in brief but intense contests that will take these cars from 60 mph to 140 mph, before lining up to do it again.

In our first dust-up, we have a Paxton Mustang running E85 fuel; rolling out against a twin turbo Lamborghini (750hp) with an EuroPower Stage 1 Kit. In multiple hits, looks to me like the Lambo owns the Mustang. Have a look for yourself.

Next up is the Paxton Mustang against a Camaro SS with an F1A Procharger. These competitors are neck-and-neck throughout in a close one. Mustang FTW!

The Camaro rolls up to a Cadillac CTS-V for the next hit. The Caddy ain’t even prepared for what the Chevy lays on him. Ouch!

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