Ignite Red vs. Pump E85 – True Dyno Results from OMG (SRC)

February 8th, 2023

Which one is best? When you need to wring every bit of power from your hot rod, which fuel is up to the chore? More to the point – what brand of E85 makes the most power in engines capable of producing more than 500hp?

The test vehicle for today’s Carolina Performance dyno session is none other than the G-Body belonging to the Old Man’s Garage. Called Cracker Barrel (CRKABRL), this Malibu has been upgraded with a brand new Chevy 400 small block. It is running a stock bottom end with a set of Trick Flow cylinder heads. Don’t look for the turbos and forget the supercharger, this heavy Chevy is getting a jump off a double shot of go-go juice from Nitrous Express. That’s a GM 700R automatic transmission with a (Ford) 9-inch rear end. The Old Man is on radials today with 750 and 950 cfm ATM carburetors.

After several dyno pulls, the crux of the situation is this: Without nitrous, an increase of 16whp could be realized by switching from pump E85 to Ignite Red. Beyond that, I was surprised to see the SRC Malibu hit 776hp and nearly 1,000 lb.-ft. of torque.

Keep watching as the Old Man illustrates the key difference between dyno and the pavement at Wilkesboro Dragway. Old Bill has a head full of knowledge and fast car.

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