Huge Turbo Mistress – New King of No-Prep

April 17th, 2019

If you find yourself gasping for breath when near the 1967 Chevy II of Shawn Wilhoit – DO NOT PANIC!  Just wait a few ticks until he lets off the accelerator and oxygen will again be plentiful in the atmosphere. The turbocharger in this Chevy is so massive that it just sucks the air out of the world.

Built by MBRC (Montana Brothers Race Cars – Bay City, N.Y.), this eye-catching Chevy II is powered by a Morgan and Sons (Grand Prarie, TX.) 481x engine with a Hart turbocharger. Shawn isn’t disclosing the exact size of the turbo. However, he did say that it’s larger than Larry Larson’s (130-millimeter). It’s huge!

In the testing and tuning rounds, Shawn is putting down some jaw-dropping passes. The car is hooking up solidly and blasting through from A to B without incident. The Mistress won her first No-Prep event but has less than ten passes to her credit; beginning her second. How will she handle the track as the day heats up?

Without further ado, Mistress will get a real test from Daddy Dave in his own Chevy II (ProCharged), named Goliath. You may recognize Dave from Street Outlaws. He’s regarded as one of the fastest No-Prep drag racers on the planet.

Mistress in the right lane and Goliath on the left. The tree drops and both cars come out of the hole with smooth violence.  It’s door-handle to door-handle through the first half track. After that, Mistress drives away from Dave FTW.

There’s a new sheriff in town – and her name is Mistress!

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