Honda Powered MR-2 Runs First 8-Second Quarter-Mile

October 23rd, 2020

This video answers the decade old question of “what can I do to make my tiny mid-engine sports car faster”? The answer for Toyota MR-2 owner Kyle Wade and his BoostedBoiz crew was to scrap the Toyota mill and replace it with a Honda unit. Just add a pair of massive turbochargers and – kaboom! – you are ready to dominate the competition. No matter who you are – quarter-mile passes in the 8-second range are pretty impressive in most circles.

Kyle says that this Toyota is running a built and sleeved K24 (2.4-liter) Honda engine with a cylinder head prepared by 3-Mile. The turbochargers are 68-millimeter ball bearing e-bay specials, and the intercooler is huge. The transmission is a manually shifted sequential dog box from PPG. This isn’t the prettiest MR-2 on the lot but the BoostedBoiz know that it ain’t how you look – it’s what you have under the hood!

With a personal best quarter-mile elapsed time of 9-seconds flat, Kyle took to the strip in his trusty steed. After a mild burnout and some tricky clutch play coming out of the hole, Kyle and the BoostedBoiz ended up posting a pass of 8.87-seconds @ 161.4 mph.

With the Toyota MR-2 World Record (8.6-seconds) in sight, Kyle and the crew would go on to  discover that the Honda motor had been hurt. No big deal. These guys will tear it down and come back stronger than ever.

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