High Noon Street Hits – Whipple Mustang vs. TT F-150 and TT CTS-V

May 21st, 2020

Greetings street racing fans and speed freaks of every ilk. Welcome to Mexico for a dose of daylight street racing on the interstate. Most street racing is relegated to cover of darkness, but these competitors are getting it on under the bright sunshine south of the border. Climb in, buckle-up and hang on to your hats. Roll racing is the order of the day.

The first race of the day is between a 2019 Mustang 5.0 and an F-150 Pickup. The Mustang has a stock motor with a 3.0-liter Whipple supercharger (pulley upgrade) and a custom Fore Innovations fuel system. It is built by Drowzy Performance, tuned by Lund and makes 800hp. The pickup has a built engine with an On3 twin turbo kit (60-millimeter), a ported Boss 302 intake manifold and an On3 fuel system. The transmission is stock with a Circle D converter. It is tuned by Oz and it churns out 900hp on 18.5 psi of boost. Despite having less horsepower, the Mustang beats the F-150 in multiple hits.

Next up is a battle between a Dodge Charger Hellcat and the same Mustang. The Hellcat is running a sleeved pulley upgrade, a Fore Innovations fuel system, cold air intake and a Corsa cat-back exhaust setup. It is built and tuned by Star Fab and makes 850hp. The Mustang again proves to be too much for the Mopar in multiple hits.

The next victim is a Cadillac CTS-V sedan with a 5.3-liter motor and twin 6262 turbochargers. It is making 970hp. Once again, the Mustang jumps out on the Caddy and never looks back. Mustang FTW in a pair of close ones.

Tons more street racing action on this one. Take a gander for yourself.

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