Here Kitty, Kitty – 707WHP Camaro SS Widebody

January 15th, 2022

Knowing that the SS version of the latest Chevrolet Camaro lineup is the most track worthy, we couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “How do we make it even better?”

Before we could answer that question, the owner of the Circuit Board Camaro SS showed up and gave us an illustration.

What immediately jumps out about this car is the Wicked wrap. It is radical. This car stands out in a sea of extraordinary machines simply because of the color combinations. Then there’s the widebody kit and the huge wheels wrapped in Michelin PS4S rubber. Lowering the center of gravity (Eibach springs) and adding the wider tires has the potential to take this Camaro – that tamed Nurburgring in stock trim – to other-worldly levels when it comes to track prowess.

Now, let’s get down to business. Under the hood is a built 6.2-liter engine. From the factory, the naturally aspirated V8 could manage 455hp and 455 lb.-ft. of torque. Of course, the Circuit Board Camaro is far from stock. With a fully built engine and worked cylinder heads, performance exhaust, a D1-X ProCharger and expert tuning, this Hellcat Killer is capable of producing 707WHP. The transmission is a 6-speed manual.

Time to put this kitty killer on the street. Buckle up.

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