Heavy-Duty Plymouth – Flying Fins

January 30th, 2018

If there is one thing that we’ve learned from Hot Rod Drag Week it’s that it takes a ton of heart to compete in this gruelling, week-long event.

This unique old Mopar (and the crew that makes it go down the track) is from Finland. In fact, it is the first street legal Finnish drag race car to dip into the sevens. It is a 1967 Plymouth VIP.

These guys have got loads of heart but their luck is a bit less plentiful. Only a day after arriving in the midwest and getting the car unpacked they broke a valve in a cylinder head that seems to be more rare than hen’s teeth. These Fins persevere, with a little help from some friends, and get back on the track in time for the next round. This wouldn’t be the last problem that these visitors from a far away land would have during this week of drag racing and bonding with competitors.

After repairing a turbocharger and rebuilding a transmission (among other things), the Finnish crew didn’t make every single round of racing. They did enough to keep us entertained and win the Drag Week Award for Sheer Determination. Oh, I didn’t mention that the driver also suffered a lower leg injury and took a metal fragment to the eyeball. I’ve never been to Finland but if all Fins have a heart to race like these guys, I would love it.

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