Heads Up No Prep – Turbo Acura TL

June 14th, 2018

One of the great things about racing cars is that each competitor has the ability to express themselves through their vehicle. What might seem the farthest from a viable racing solution to most may be a vision in horsepower to another.

Such could be said of this pretty blue Acura sedan. Did it begin life as a performance or sports car? Most certainly not. However, it did roll off the assembly line with a Honda VTEC 3.2-liter V6 engine. Can it handle turbocharged horsepower over extended periods of time? Probably not; so car owner Alden built the engine and sleeved the cylinder walls using Darton sleeves. After that, he fabricated a killer custom turbo intake manifold and a added a Garrett GT 82-millimeter turbocharger. The combo is currently producing just 600hp to the front-wheels on low boost. Competing in the Front Wheel Drive Class, Alden plans to turn up the boost some time in the near future – patience!

This clip is shot at the I-29 Dragway in Iowa during The Shop Inc Heads Up No Prep Shootout. All the local talent is on hand including some guys from Street Outlaws (BoostedGT and Kayla Morton). Local competitors include the C5 Unicorn, Beater Bomb, and Sketchy Vert.

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