Hayabusa Powered Mini – Street Hits

August 18th, 2017

If ever there were a perfect car in which to install a quick-revving, slip-shifting motorcycle engine, it would have to be this vintage (1983) Mini.

With the Mini weighing in at only approximately 1,000-pounds and, with the understanding that winning street races is all about power-to-weight ratio, the 240hp Hayabusa engine and transmission seem to be an excellent addition to this boxy British import.

The right-hand drive steering system has been relocated to the left side and the interior is all business with a roll cage and some racing buckets. This is one clean little car (it’s tiny).

As you might expect, this thing takes off like a bat out of hell and scrolls through the gears very quickly.

You will want to check out the sights and sounds of this clip as the cameraman climbs in the cramped passenger seat to document some test hits on the street. This is a unique car with an extraordinary sound.

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