Half-Mile Blowout – Lamborghini vs. Nissan

March 31st, 2017

Hello racing fans and welcome to the Rafael Hernandez Airport in sunny Puerto Rico. Today’s action is of the 1/2-mile variety and it is particularly outstanding.

Some of the baddest cars and most capable performance firms are on hand to try and claim the top speed crown. Underground Racing (UR) is well represented by the star of the event – a black Lamborghini Superleggera, owned by Richard Fowler.

As you know, the Superleggera is pretty potent in factory trim but Richard’s Lambo has been treated to the UR X-Package that bumps output up to the 2,000hp mark.

Richard has already made his mark in the top speed game (in seasons past) with multiple passes that surpassed 200 mph and he already held the current track record at Hernandez Airport. Nevertheless, when he was interviewed pre-shake out, he was confident that, between the tweaks made to the engine and the new Dogbox transmission, he could set a new personal best top speed in Puerto Rico.

As the action heats up, a 225+ mph battle ensues between Richard (in his Lamborghini) and an equally impressive Nissan GT-R. Only one race team can leave with the crown but who will it be? Check it out for yourself. Spoiler alert: a 230 mph top speed will be surpassed in this video.

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