GT-R vs. ZR1 and Z06 – Street Rolls

January 29th, 2018

Hello racing fans and welcome to a night of street hits under the moon and stars of beautiful Houston (Mexico). Some major street racing players have shown up for the activities on this auspicious occasion.

Featured in this video are a pair of modded-out Japanese sports coupes. These cars are officially called Nissan GT-R but they are affectionately referred to as Godzilla – for understandable reasons. The Black GT-R is upgraded with a Boost Logic (BL) 1100 Kit including GT30 turbochargers. It is capable of producing 1,100hp. The White Nissan GT-R is outfitted with a Speed By Design (SBD) 1400 Kit and GT35R turbochargers. It is prepared by EuroPower of Houston and makes 1,000hp.

In the first contest – a roll race on the interstate – we have the White GT-R against a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. The supercharged ZR1 has been upgraded with a set of high performance cylinder heads and a camshaft. It can produce 900whp. The Nissan clearly takes the win in this one.

Next up, we have a pair of Corvettes battling on the interstate. The first is the ZR1 mentioned in the previous paragraph and the second is a Procharged Z06 that is touted as having the ability to produce 1,200hp. We’ll see about that! The Z06 must’ve missed a gear on the initial hit but he comes back for redemption on pass number two.

Finally, the White GT-R gets to take on the 1,200hp Zo6. The Nissan walks him. Corvette Z06 boy needs to recalculate his horsepower output. Not so fast! Looks like the Z06 came back in the second pass and took the win.

There’s tons more racing action on this one – including some fast motorcycles. Have a look for yourself.

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