GT-R vs. Mustang – $8K Street Digs

February 21st, 2018

This is what’s up! Amazing cars racing for big money on the streets (of Mexico, no doubt). As if that wasn’t enough; domestic is pitted against import in this classic battle between what is built in North America and the best that the world has to offer.

This race also adds the element of a supercharged (V8) versus a twin turbocharged (V6). Blown and boosted guys (and girls) can be as vicious as pit bulls when building and backing their chosen method of forced air induction and these two racers are putting a stack of cash on the line to prove their point.

On hand tonight is a single pass dig race for all the cash. These two competitors have each put up $4K (cash) and each one believes that their respective car will pull out the victory.

In the left lane, we have a Ford Mustang upgraded with a Roush Racing Stage 3 Kit. Under the hood, the 5.0-liter V8 engine is topped with a TVS R2300 supercharger. Other than that, it has an upper pulley upgrade, full high-performance exhaust, an aftermarket fuel injection system, and a set of slicks in the rear. Horsepower is estimated at 725hp.

In the right lane is a Nissan GT-R with full bolt-ons – that’s it. The one advantage that I can see for Godzilla is all-wheel drive. The street is slippery and traction will be at a premium.

These two street racers cut the light and the GT-R gains the early advantage. He jumps on the Mustang like a rat on a Chee-toh but the Ford gains some bite and catches up. Can the Mustang hold on through the trap? Check out the video and see.

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