GT-R Unlimited Final – TX2K19

April 20th, 2019

This clip delivers the entire final round of TX2K19. From the Heavyweight Class, featuring Beverly in her purple Cadillac against a souped-up Hellcat, to the Unlimited GT-R Class, between Gidi Chambers in the ETS car and the Alpha Queen of OB Prestige; these are competitive and entertaining contests.

By now, everyone should know Gidi (left lane). He currently holds the U.S. National R35 GT-R World Record for the Quarter-Mile (6.73-seconds @ 223.3 mph). A high-water mark set during the making of this video. Gidi has been in the conversation for the World Record for years. Beginning this season in a new car and with a new sponsor; he looks like a sure bet to bring the record back home to the U.S.A.

In the right lane, we have the Alpha Queen. Ignore the rose gold wrap and focus on the nose-mounted turbochargers. This is a purpose-built car intent on capturing the World Record for the Alpha crew. It is packed with horsepower and positioned to take home one of the most prestigious titles at TX2K19, in the Unlimited GT-R Class.

Both cars come to the line and the tree drops. Pressure mounts and, in an instant, someone jumps early. Who was it? Cue up the video and take a look for yourself.

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