Grannas Racing – 2000HP Supra Goes 7.00 @ 208 MPH

March 24th, 2020

Welcome drag racing enthusiast to another day at the speed extravaganza known as TX2K20 from Houston, Texas. The focus of today’s video is the Grannas Racing Supra. It is currently being billed as the fastest stick shift car on the planet. Giving us no reason to doubt this claim, the import known as “Orange Man Bad” posts consistent seven second passes before a record-breaking run that is a mere tick away from that magical six every drag racer seeks.

Under the hood is a Bullet Race Engineering 3.2-liter inline 6-cylinder billet wet block with a Brian Cower crankshaft and aluminum connecting rods. It has a HeadGames cylinder head with GSC camshafts. It’s all assembled by Brian Rosche Racing Engines in Baltimore, Maryland. The turbocharger is a Precision Pro Mod 98-millimeter on 80 psi of boost. Engine management is handled via a MoTec M150 tuned by Chris Delgado from ProSpeed. The manual transmission is a Liberty (Tremec) T56 Magnum with a face plate and a Boninfante adjustable triple-disc clutch.

This build is outrageous and borders on the verge of being unmanageable. That’s what racing is all about, riding the razor’s edge between total control and utter chaos.

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