Grabber Blue Fox Body – Small Tire Domination

December 14th, 2018

It’s drag racing time in the land of Bounty Hunter’s No Prep Grudge Nationals II and some really nasty gunslingers have trailered in with intentions of taking home the $25K cash prize. Flacco is in town (San Antonio Raceway) with his twin turbo Cornfed Chevy S10 pickup and he has dollar signs (in his eyes) where his pupils used to be.

Despite Flacco’s presence, the feature for this clip is a Grabber Blue Fox Body Mustang. This car is tearing up the track in Small Tire No Prep and we wanted to get a look under the hood. We were delighted to find a Ford mill (for a change); it’s a 5.0-liter base but has been twerked for maximum output. A single Precision 98-millimeter turbo takes care of forced air induction. Power is estimated at 1,500hp (30 psi of boost) but the track sure ain’t holding that today. The right lane is downright treacherous. Have a look.

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