Gold Dust Mustang Crushes Eighth-Mile

August 29th, 2017

Hello racing fans and welcome to LightsOut8 from the South Georgia Motorsports Park!

Among the contenders in the PRO275 Class this weekend, we have none other than Fletcher Cox (owner not driver). Fletcher is an NFL defensive lineman with the Philadelphia Eagles. Fletcher is among the elite defensive linemen in the NFL and loves drag racing. He has built at least two high-powered Mustangs. The one featured in this clip has a very special backstory.

Fletcher’s late brother (Trell Cox) loved the sports entertainment (professional wrestling) character known as Gold Dust. The paint job on this car is skillfully done as a tribute to his brother and depicts Gold Dust perfectly. The shimmering gold flake is a real head-turner.

The car is equipped with an LS based small block engine and a single turbocharger. It is capable of putting up consistent low 4-second elapsed times in the 140 – 150 mph range (eighth-mile).

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