Gangster TT HEMI Vette Goes 3.79 at 212 MPH

November 8th, 2016

gangster-tt-hemi-vette-goes-3-79-at-212-mphWelcome race fans! Help yourself to an eyeful of the Alepa C7 Corvette as it attempts to take flight using a dragstrip as a runway. Meet Daniel Pharris, driver of this 3,500hp beast, and come along as he campaigns this drastically modified Chevrolet during two weekends of 1/8-mile drag racing action; making regular passes in the 3.8-second range at well over 200 mph.

I almost never see a car that consistently goes airborne while not only remaining competitive but qualifying near the top. That is exactly what onlookers were treated to during two separate (and I do mean separate) events; No Mercy 7 was at the South Georgia Motorsports Park and The Radial Revenge Tour was held at Tulsa Raceway Park.

The Alepa Vette is powered by a 548 cubic-inch Pro Line HEMI engine with a pair of 102-millimeter turbos – supported by what appears to be the cream of the crop when it comes to everything else. This car is an absolute monster albeit adorned in a beautiful hue of burgundy.

Daniel makes it through the second round (down in Georgia) before engine failure sends him to the pits for the duration of the event. Nevertheless, he had to be pleased about posting a 3.79-second pass @ 212 mph in the Georgia heat. Daniel and the crew took home the prize money in Oklahoma after going up against the likes of Dewayne Mills in his Golden Gorilla Camaro and beating Fletcher Cox’ (Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Lineman) Fox Body Mustang (piloted by Shawn Ayers) in the finals. Great going guys! That’s one heckuva car.

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