Fun Down Under – 6-Second Mazda RX-3

October 16th, 2018

This thing is an angry beast! These Aussies yanked the rotary motor out of a Mazda RX-3 and stuck in an LS package. Focused around a 7.0-liter mill (alloy connecting rods and All Pro aluminum cylinder heads), this twin turbocharged (Turbosmart) setup is capable of turning consistent 7-second elapsed times. Today, the crew will attempt to dip into the sixes. Castle Hill Performance does the heavy lifting on this tiny monster and it is tuned by SCF Race Cars.

Fresh off the trailer, the RX-3 runs a (personal best) 6.95-seconds @ 201 mph! In a solo run, everything went absolutely perfect and magic happened. It is amazing what a single pass like this can do for a car and the people who get it down the track.

After some solo passes, in which the crew are experimenting with different tuning philosophies and some passes against all the pickups and station wagons in the Outback, the car sets a new Australian quarter-mile record for LS powered vehicles with a 6.84-second pass @ 205 mph.

Making it to the final round of the J275 Class, the Mazda is paired against a very capable Ford Falcon. Who will win and take home the cash prize? Check out the video to find out.

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