Ford Swapped Nova – 3000HP Menace

October 10th, 2019

Contemptable sacrilege or common sense? Guess that depends on how doggedly you cling to the status quo. At any rate, this is one that’ll get a lot of people’s blood boiling. A giant Ford motor in a classic Chevy? Oh, the humanity!

Just kidding. Fact is that every racer is smart to use what is most accessible at the time. This time it’s a 1969 Chevrolet Nova – abandoned by the car owner’s son for 25-years – loaded with a massive twin turbocharged Boss Nine 565 cubic-inch big block engine. The mill is built by Jon Kaase Racing Engines and it has the best of everything it takes to go very fast. The wheels are Billet Specialties. This car is capable of making 3,000hp and lays down 7-second (quarter-mile) passes effortlessly.

The Nova is purpose-built to compete during Hot Rod Drag Week. Drag Week is a grueling, week-long contest that combines (index) racing on four tracks in five days with a 1,000+ mile road trip. This week of drag racing, travelling and wrenching is not for the weak. Have a look.

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