First McLaren 720S Breaks into Eights down the 1/4 Mile

March 31st, 2019

The McLaren 720S is, on its face, one of the most intriguing high-performance sports cars on the market. With a 4.0-liter V8 engine capable of producing 710hp (from the factory), the stock 720S can achieve 60 mph (from a halt) in 2.7-seconds. Its modern, aerodynamic body panels and dihedral doors are enough to give this British bomb shell a spellbinding appearance. The car looks very fast, even when it is sitting still.

Our feature car has been upgraded with Pure turbochargers and Velocity exhaust. The catalytic converters have been deleted and the car is tuned by DME. After all the modifications, output is estimated to be 943whp. A set of 20-inch R888 Toyo tires provide grip for this rear-wheel drive supercar. Let’s see what it can do during some testing and tuning.

Fresh off the trailer, he runs a 9.1-second elapsed time @ 157 mph (quarter-mile). The second pass is almost a mirror image of the first. The crew begins to work their magic. Close to the eight-second goal, but can he pull it together and get enough power down to improve upon his first pass?

Atco Raceway (New Jersey) can be tricky, but weather conditions are great. Nevertheless, the third pass seems to indicate that the adjustments are going the wrong direction (9.34-seconds @ 158 mph). Okay, back up and go the other way!

A fourth pass seems to have the car headed in the right direction with a pass of 9.09 @ 157 mph. Lots more racing on this one. Will the McLaren find the eights and take the World Record or will he fail?


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