First Acura Integra in the 7s

February 4th, 2020

Front-wheel drive drag cars me feel like I’m going to hurl. It’s a lot like a train wreck. I know it’s ugly, but I can’t look away. What’s not ugly is the degree of traction these little cars can muster coming out of the hole. Check it out.

This car is being billed as the first 7-second Acura Integra and I have absolutely no reason to doubt this claim. It is a 2000 Acura Integra with a (basically) stock block and heads. It has been professionally built with aluminum connecting rods, forged pistons and Web camshafts. The intake manifold is by Skunk and the turbo is a Precision 72-millimeter Gen II. Fuel is delivered via a Weldon 1600 fuel pump and a set of Denso 1200cc fuel injectors. The controller is a FuelTech, tuned by Jesus Menendez at Chupa Tech. Shifting duties for this beast are handled using a sequentially shifted PPG Dogbox with a PDS clutch. This thing comes together to make 1400hp under 65 psi of boost on E85 fuel. That’s a whole lot of Honda – err Acura – right there.

This is an in depth look into this awesome build. There is a ton of race footage, some dyno footage and it all culminates with a World Record pass (quarter mile) of 7.99-seconds @ 183 mph.

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