First 8-Second Pass for a Stock Block 2018 Mustang GT

September 24th, 2020

It seems that everybody is trying to get somewhere. Guys that run 9s are trying to get to the 8s and guys that run 7s are trying to get to the 6s. That’s the beauty and the curse of drag racing. It’s all about trying to go faster and faster until you or your car just can’t take it anymore. This is the culmination of just such a story.

The Mamba has basically been trying to break the 8-second barrier since 2018. The car is powered by a stock Coyote motor – well, a stock block anyway – a sophisticated power adder and some swanky bolt-ons are also onboard. Under the hood is the factory 5.0-liter V8 with a VMP Odin Supercharger package. The blower is 2.65-liters of forced air perfection. An oversized blower pulley helps to maximize efficiency. The Odin kit also includes a VMP triple pass heat exchanger, a VMP 120mm cold air intake, a VMP Twinjet 69mm throttle body, a set of FIC 1000cc fuel injectors and a VMP PNP fuel pump booster. It’s a hot rod in a box!

The Mamba has been tuned by Palm Beach Dyno and it’s running E85 fuel. It also has custom springs and fully adjustable race shocks on all four corners. We can’t forget that awesome carbon fiber hood, either.

After a misfire in the initial pass, car owner StangMode finally hits the mark and posts a quarter-mile pass of 8.996-seconds @ 152.04 mph.

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