Exotic Street Racing – Puerto Rico

March 31st, 2018

The fine and friendly folks of Puerto Rico really know how to do street racing. Sure, they are a nice bunch of competitors but the cars are nothing short of amazing!

The initial contest is between a BMW M4 and a C7 Corvette Z06. The Beemer has a turbo upgrade, high performance exhaust, and heavy-duty, dual-disc clutch kit. It’s capable of putting down approximately 720hp. The Z06 has undergone a pulley upgrade with some high performance exhaust and it has been performance tuned. It is making 640hp (roughly). Let’s climb into the passenger seat of the M4 and take a POV ride-along. After dual passes, the BMW has shown superiority by a very narrow margin.

Next up we have a second Corvette going against an upgraded BMW M3. The ‘Vette has full bolt-ons and a custom-ground camshaft.  The M3 has a turbo upgrade, performance tuning, and some low-restriction exhaust down-pipes. Both cars claim to be churning out around 650hp. This time the Chevy gets the bulge and takes the win in multiple hits (despite a missed shift).

Now we’re talking! We have an AMS Performance Alpha 10 Porsche (800hp) rolling out against a beautiful, Procharged Corvette GS6 (750hp). The Porsche takes him to school in multiple hits (in the Canary Yellow Car Class).

There is an SRT Dodge Viper taking on a Lamborghini Huracan, a pair of Hellcat Challengers going neck-and-neck, and a McLaren 570S taking on the SRT Snake. There are also many, many, more.

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