Emelia’s Supercharged 10-Liter V8 Mustang Hits the Street

November 15th, 2022

So, we had the privilege of joining pretty Emelia Hartford as she built her massive 10-liter V8 supercharged Ford engine. Now, she has the engine back in the car and she’s ripping to burn up some tires. Here’s a brief review of the engine build.

Emelia started with a bare cast iron block and a set of pre-assembled heads. She began by stuffing the bottom end with tons of go-fast goodies. Everything from Tron pistons to I-beam connecting rods to ARP fasteners went into the belly of this beast. The aluminum cylinder heads are Kaase P51, and they are ported within a fraction of an inch of their lives. The intake manifold is custom ported by the same mad scientist as the heads – they match. Max air flow should be increased enormously. Emelia has so much fun building this engine. Her spirit is contagious. Maximum capacity is estimated to be 2,000HP.

With the giant engine reassembled and reinstalled, a new set of tires are in order. No slicks this time. Emelia wants to put on a set of burners to start. These little tires should last about three-minutes. Emelia’s friend is in the passenger seat for the smoke show. Enjoy.

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