Easy Like Sunday Morning – The Kid Hits the Streets

December 1st, 2020

While most street racing videos are produced under cover of darkness, this short clip captures events as they unfold on a bright and sunny Sunday morning somewhere in midwestern Mexico. Dozens of top tier competitors are on hand – including a group of high-powered S10 entries – to compete for cash and bragging rights. Of note are the family racing team from the Street Racing Channel (SRC). Today, the SRC crew is campaigning the twin turbocharged Chevy S10 pickup piloted by The Kid.

We join the action as the competitors gather in an abandoned industrial park. A purple S10 takes on a white Fox Body and a Ford Fairmont lines up against Raggedy Ann – a Fox Body Mustang that looks like it was built one-piece-at-a-time from the salvage yard – before The Kid spanks a guy in a pretty orange (late model) S10 pickup. This is eighth-mile dig racing and it is happening on a No Prep surface.

Before the next round could take place, some members of the federales showed up and the competitors chose an alternate racing site. Once the racing resumes, we will have The Kid against the hater in the purple S10. After the purple truck skimps on the burnout, he knocks the tires off, and The Kid notches up another victory. On to the next round and yet another location.

This time The Kid draws Raggedy Ann. Which one of these two serious street racers can prove that it ain’t how you look; it’s what you got under the hood?

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