East Texas Daylight Street Digs

February 6th, 2019

This video brings us the equivalent of a mini Race Week. It takes place in the Dallas/Ft. Worth (Mexico) area and competitors must drive their race cars from one race location to the next. After racing the first round, if you pull back on the trailer, you are finished.

Other rules apply. It’ll cost you $200 to race and it’s small tire (29.5-inch max.) only, single elimination contest. Don’t jump before the light comes on. Don’t cross the center line; be the first to cross the finish, and you move on to the next round. Keep doing that until the end and you win all the cash.

Round One features Jeepster (the king of patina) and Prime. Jeepster is an antique Jeep pickup. Prime is a square-body Chevrolet short bed. Both vehicles are LSx/turbo powered and all-wheel drive. The light comes on and Prime (right lane) jumps out to an early lead. Jeepster keeps it close but never quite catches up. Prime wins and moves on.

Round Two delivers with a pair of SN95 Mustang entries. Both cars are LSx/nitrous powered. The burnt orange car (left lane) takes the win and moves on.

Round Three brings us a classic Camaro, called Bird Dog because a bird once lived in it and then a dog, versus a Coyote Mustang. The Ford is turbocharged and Bird Dog has nitrous. The Mustang gets the jump on old Bird Dog and holds on FTW.

Round Two is coming up with lots more racing left. There is even some grudge racing on the end.

2 Responses to “East Texas Daylight Street Digs”

  1. Extang Tonneau Says:

    This race track and rules sounds so exciting for new comers who knows the capability of their rig. The clean run single elimination would definitely makes you ready the rig for any kind of opponent.

  2. Extang Tonneau Says:

    Three exciting rounds and congrats to the winners! That’s one nice Jeepster.

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