Dyno Test – TT 1963 Chevy II Nova Makes 4,039 HP

January 12th, 2021

Remember the not-too-distant past when dynos were only good for 2,000hp? Well, those days are gone and Gary Ubert and his team at NC3 are pushing the envelope as high and as hard as possible in this video. Their twin turbocharged 1963 Chevrolet Nova is gearing up to hit the track and blow the doors off everything. They begin their quest for glory on the dyno with realistic intentions of documenting the capacity to make 4,000hp. Let’s see how it goes.

Under the hood of this tube chassis race car is something exceptional. At the heart is a ProLine 572 cubic-inch racing engine (all-aluminum) mated to a Proformance transmission. Adding power to the massive ProLine Racing Engine are a pair of 98-millimeter Garrett turbochargers. Fuel Tech also plays a big role in this fresh build with their FT600 Engine Management Unit with dual channel alcohol conditioner, the Fuel Tech FTSPARK-8 ignition system and the Fuel Tech Peak and Hold 8A/2A Injector Driver. Even the hub-centric dyno (5,000whp capacity) was provided by Fuel Tech.

The in-house dyno simplifies testing by allowing the crew at NC3 to simulate track conditions in a controlled environment. Once the Nova is strapped down, it posts dyno runs of 2270.8hp, 3259.2hp and – finally 4039.3hp. I can’t wait until this monster hits the dragstrip.

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