Dragy Race – Louisiana vs. Utah Silverados

June 29th, 2022

This video is a bit of a departure. We have a guy with an extended cab, turbocharged Silverado calling out another Silverado owner with a regular cab, supercharged truck. What’s the twist? One guy resides in Utah and the other in Louisiana. With more than 1,500-miles between them, these two competitors came up with an interesting way to make a drag race happen.

Since both vehicles are equipped with Dragy Performance GPS boxes, these cats decided to forego the long road trip and the heads up format for a virtual race with precision timing from Dragy. We’ll reserve judgement until after the racing is done.

The orange truck is being called a COPO. It’s an all-wheel drive 2000 Silverado single-cab stepside. The motor is a 4.8-liter V8 with a stock bottom end, an upgraded camshaft and valve springs. It also has an LSA supercharger, exhaust headers with 4-inch exhaust and 4.30:1 final drive gears in the diffs. This truck is making 530hp max.

The 2008 Silverado extended cab is a two-wheel drive pickup with a stock Gen IV 4.8-liter V8. The cylinder heads have been upgraded with performance valve springs and a stud kit. The turbo is a 7875 and this cowboy Cadillac can churn out 600hp.

The concept is a bit unconventional, but I’ll give ‘em this, these guys are competitive. This is some intense racing followed by a sad ending. Watch and see.

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