DragTimes.com starts accepting 60-130 MPH times

July 18th, 2010

As modern day vehicles from both the factory and from the tuner world become more powerful, quicker and faster, a new benchmark for performance has been catching on to quantify just how fast these cars are, 60-130 times.

A device made by Racelogic, called the Performance Box (VBOX) uses GPS and accelerometer data to record just about any performance metric you want to setup. The PerformanceBox logs your speed, position, G-forces, and distance to its memory card ten times every second for detailed analysis in the included software.  The Performance Box (VBOX) can be purchased online from around $450-$500 for the standard model.

One of the standard measurements in the Performance Box records the time it takes for a car to accelerate from 60-130 MPH. Testing how quick different cars accelerate from 60-130 MPH is a great way to compare how fast and how hard the cars are pulling since some of the traction issues on more powerful cars are taken away when accelerating from a roll.

DragTimes.com has added a few new fields to it’s database to start collecting,  organizing and comparing 60-130 MPH times from cars around the world.   In order for a car’s 60-130 MPH data to be published, the graph to support the run is required along with any modifications that are on the car.   As with all of the data on DragTimes.com, each submission is reviewed before going live and in some cases additional supporting data might be required.  Click on the links below to view the current 60-130 MPH times we have, add your 60-130 MPH times or find a VBOX to buy and start testing!

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