Dragstrip Dig Races – Tesla Plaid vs. Whipple Supercharged F-150 and Nitrous Nova

January 11th, 2022

This video features some eighth-mile legal drag racing from the Sunshine State. The primary focus of this clip is the all-electric Tesla P100D in Plaid mode. This particular Plaid is outfitted with a set of lightweight wheels (20-inch) wrapped in Nitto NT01s rubber (285/35R20). The wheels are 9.5-inches wide, and the tires are nearly 11.5-inches wide. Let’s see what this ‘golf cart’ can do against some trailered drag cars.

First up is an all-wheel drive Ford F-150 pickup truck with a Whipple supercharged 5.0-liter Coyote motor and some sticky tires. Both vehicles cut a clean light and come out of the hole quickly. The Tesla begins to pull away, eventually crushing the Ford with a 6.12-second pass at 119.8 mph (6.98-seconds @ 105.7 mph for the Ford).

Next up is a nitrous (7.0-liter engine) Fox Body Mustang making 800hp (without spray). The Tesla trees the Ford like a boss. With the Plaid out in front, the Mustang driver begins to spray the go-go juice. He keeps spraying until he rolls to a close victory over the quiet Tesla.

The Tesla just spanks an LSX powered Colorado pickup in the third race. No chance.

A rematch is in the works for the fourth race. The Tesla will take on an old nemesis. This Nova SS is a beast. Nova comes out of the hole violently and totes the front. When the wheels come down, he heads for the wall and is forced to peddle the car. The Tesla takes the late lead and the win.

More great drag racing on this one.

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