DonkMaster vs. RacerX and Demonology – Track Drags

November 14th, 2020

If you have never seen the DonkMaster fleet, it is a whole new ball game. DM runs big cars with slick paint and giant rims. He brings his team in on a car hauler and unloads like thunder. Don’t listen for thumping bass from these G-Bodies and Square-Body Caprices, just loud pipes and screaming rubber.

Also on hand is RacerX and MrsX. RacerX is in a Dodge Charger Hellcat with upper and lower pulley upgrades and a set of 1300mm fuel injectors, running E85 fuel. MrsX is in a Challenger Hellcat with similar mods. He’s making 1,000hp (at least).

In one of the early roll races, RacerX takes on Stunna Reese in his Black and Gold Dodge Challenger Hellcat. RacerX wins it in a gapfest.

Next, RacerX goes against Audio Cat in his (white) Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Audio Cat is running basically the same setup as RacerX. This time, Audio Cat gets the early jump. RacerX takes the top speed number but Audio Cat gets from A to B faster.

Then there’s T.J. Millionaire Mentor in his Lamborghini Aventador. You don’t want to miss this one if you like Lambos.

Next up are the drag races.

RacerX begins by rolling out against DonkMaster in his Black Blur Monte Carlo. This slick Chevy is running a built LS motor with a big turbo. He’s making tons of power and knows how to hook it up. Unfortunately, he overheats the torque converter at the line and cannot compete. Very anticlimactic.

After that fiasco, MrsX takes on a late model Camaro and a Cadillac CTS-V. Has she got the goods? Watch and see.

Great roll and dig action from Memphis International Raceway.

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